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Corey Lemonier getting some first team work at 49ers OTAs

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The San Francisco 49ers are a bit light at outside linebacker in OTAs. This benefits Corey Lemonier, but will it be enough for him to earn a roster spot?

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

The San Francisco 49ers are two-thirds of the way through their OTAs, and Corey Lemonier is one player potentially benefiting from injuries. Aaron Lynch has been sitting out OTAs due to a hamstring strain, which boosts Lemonier up the depth chart.

During last Friday's open session, Ahmad Brooks was present at the practice, but did not participate. With Lynch also injured, Lemonier moved into the starting lineup opposite Aldon Smith. Eli Harold and Marcus Rush handled second team work, with Nick Bellore getting some work there as well. Bellore is built to be an inside linebacker, but the 49ers are a bit short-handed at this point.

Lemonier showed some things his rookie year, but quickly slipped down the depth chart with the emergence of Aaron Lynch. Given the team's addition of Eli Harold this past May, Lemonier faces an uphill climb for a roster spot. I imagine come training camp, Harold will probably surpass Lemonier on the depth chart. We'll see if Lemonier can figure out a way to take advantage of this summer opportunity.