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49ers free agents 2016: Here is your complete list

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The San Francisco 49ers have some notable names hitting free agency in 2016. How many will end up elsewhere a year from now?

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The San Francisco 49ers head into the last part of June with their 90-man roster just about set for the upcoming season. There might be some small changes, but hopefully we have seen the last of the truly shocking moves. I won't put anything past the 49ers at this point, but fingers crossed!

There is a lot of football still to be played in 2015, well, all the football to be played, but that doesn't mean we can't start talking about 2016 free agents. We discussed them in the context of the 2015 NFL Draft (here and here), but I figured a full list would be helpful. And considering things are relatively quiet for now, it is always an interesting discussion point. Yesterday, we talked about Anquan Boldin and his contract status. Today, we can go into a more all-encompassing discussion. I'll be putting together some thoughts on each player separately over the next five weeks before training camp starts.

Here is the full list of free agents, broken down by position. The biggest names for now are Anquan Boldin, Alex Boone and Aldon Smith. Vernon Davis needs a bounce-back year to get back into that group, and even still, I'd bet good money he will be gone a year from now. Ian Williams is an interesting one if he can stay healthy. How do you see some of these shaking out?

RBReggie BushKendall Hunter
WRAnquan BoldinChuck Jacobs (ERFA)
TEVernon DavisGarrett Celek
OGAlex BooneJoe LooneyAndrew Tiller (ERFA)
DTIan WilliamsTony Jerod-Eddie (RFA)
ILB: Philip WheelerDesmond BishopMichael Wilhoite (RFA)
OLBAldon Smith
CBChris CookShareece WrightLeon McFadden (RFA), Marcus Cromartie(ERFA)
SCraig Dahl
KPhil Dawson