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Call for writers for Nuggets, other content

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Hope everybody is having a good weekend, and you fathers are enjoying Father's Day. Things are pretty quiet right now, which strikes me as good a time as any to open the door for adding a writer or two to the site. We have some great contributors writing for the site, but there are plenty of you that are also providing great content in the comments. I can promote FanPosts to the front page, but I like the idea of offering up front page space to folks who might be interested in joining the team.

One reason this is coming up now is one of our Golden Nuggets writers is moving on to a new job, and won't have the time to contribute. I'm looking for someone to help on the Nuggets on Thursday and Saturday mornings. The Nuggets post at 2am PT, 5am ET. If you are around early in the morning, great, but if not, you can schedule out articles, so that would not be a problem. The Nuggets consist of finding all the 49ers links you can around the Internet, and then adding some introductory thoughts. You can go into as much detail as you want with the Nuggets, so don't feel that this is strictly about finding links.

I'd like to potentially expand our front page team in other ways. We have folks covering film review, some advanced stats stuff, injury coverage, college/draft information and other content. I'm open to people who are interested in those areas, but if you have other ideas for contributing, I'm all ears.

If you have writing experience, great. If you don't, that does not automatically disqualify you. If you're interested, let me know in the comments. DO NOT POST YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS (I can find it in your account). Let me know if what you're interested in writing, be it Nuggets or something else. I'll follow up with interested parties.