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Colin Kaepernick back in Arizona for workouts

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Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

The San Francisco 49ers veterans have gone their separate ways for the offseason, with training camp still five weeks away. Players are allowed to continue working out at the 49ers Santa Clara facility, but they cannot work with the coaching staff. They can be supervised by the strength and conditioning staff, but they can't do anything beyond that.

The next five weeks are the final chance for players to enjoy time with their family, and otherwise enjoy getting away from the grind that will run from late July to hopefully early February. Most will likely be doing workouts during this time, as they look to stay in shape, or get in better shape for the grind of training camp.

49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick is apparently back in Arizona at the EXOS facility continuing his workouts. Kap had a football camp in San Francisco this past weekend,  This tweet is from a UFC fighter who apparently is working out down there.

Kap spent much of the first half of the offseason at EXOS working on a variety of things. He did strength, conditioning and speed work, but he also worked with quarterback coach Dennis Gile, and former NFL quarterback Kurt Warner. He spent most of his time with Gile, but did some weekly film work with Warner.

There is no word what Kap is working on during this final stretch of the offseason, but he is back at it in some form or fashion. I imagine there will be plenty of downtime as well. It was, after all, two years ago next week that the Kap Miami Dolphins cap "incident" became a thing. I was mildly amused by the uproar to that, so I'm not overly concerned about jinxing another stupid reactionary thing like that. And if that kind of thing marks the worst of the remaining offseason, consider us lucky.