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Greg Roman viewed by some as a Top-10 offensive coordinator

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One analysis ranked Greg Roman sixth among NFL offensive coordinators. What do you think?

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One person who has been the subject of extensive debate over the last four years is former San Francisco 49ers offensive coordinator Greg Roman. The 49ers offense showed some amazing potential at times, but also struggled with consistency. The blame for that has fallen on a variety of figures. Greg Roman is high on the list, as well as Colin Kaepernick, the offensive line, the lack of wide receiver depth, or at least a speedy deep threat, and so much more.

Just to throw a little kindling on the fire, Bucky Brooks recently declared Greg Roman a top 10 offensive coordinator. He reviewed coaches film and spoke with some coaches around the league. That all allowed him to conclude that Roman ranks No. 6 among offensive coordinators. The five ahead of him included Josh McDaniels, Norv Turner, Todd Haley, Hue Jackson and Scott Linehan.

Here is what Brooks had to say about Roman:

Despite the San Francisco 49ers' offensive implosion during Roman's final season with the team, the crafty play-caller deserves to be mentioned among the NFL's best offensive minds. Roman helped the 49ers reach the NFC Championship Game three straight seasons, relying on a powerful rushing attack and savvy playmaking from the quarterback position. His creative scheming and clever deployment of multiple tight ends were things of beauty. Yet, it was Roman's ability to coax championship-level performances out of Alex Smith and Colin Kaepernick that earned him high marks in the NFL coaching community. If he solves the Bills' quarterback dilemma in training camp, Roman could be the hottest head-coaching candidate in the league.

Roman is a tough one to figure out at times for at least a couple reasons. The first issue is how much Jim Harbaugh was involved in the game-planning and overall offensive philosophy. The second issue is what I mentioned above about the other issues. The offensive line dealt with a variety of injuries last year, Vernon Davis was fairly useless as a deep threat, and the team had three of the same kind of receiver in Anquan Boldin, Michael Crabtree and Stevie Johnson.

This season is going to be a fascinating one for 49ers fans, and it will extend beyond just what this team does on the field. Some will only want to focus on the 49ers, but I know that I will be keeping an eye on Greg Roman in Buffalo, Vic Fangio in Chicago, and Jim Harbaugh in Ann Arbor. We won't have a lot of content about it, but there will be a little bit here and there. It is hard not to consider the comparisons given the abrupt change at the top.

Roman's performance this year compared to what the 49ers offense did last year and this year will not be an apples-to-apples comparison. But for our purposes, it will still be worth considering given all the chatter about the 49ers offensive coordinator the last four years.