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Peyton Manning-Texans trade rumors would have been something

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Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Things have been relatively quiet this week, but things might be picking up. Tom Brady is having his hearing this week, but now we have another quarterback in the news. A Denver radio personality, Benjamin Allbright, is reporting the Denver Broncos tried to trade quarterback Peyton Manning to the Houston Texans earlier this offseason. There are no details on what the deal might have included, and the Broncos have gone on record denying the report.

This could very well just be speculation, but Pro Football Talk raised an interesting point. Back in March, Peyton Manning agreed to a restructuring of his contract. He took less base salary, and in return, the Broncos added a no-trade clause to his contract. He did not have such a clause previously, so it is certainly at least a little bit interesting that it was added.

The deal did not happen, and it would appear will not happen this year (the no-trade clause is only for 2015). However, it is interesting that the deal was potentially even discussed. There will be denials, and we'll likely never know anything for sure, but it is still interesting that the Broncos might have pursued this. Allbright reported some in the Broncos organization wanted to move on to the Brock Osweiler era sooner rather than later.

This has no bearing on the 49ers at this point, but I thought it was an interesting topic for discussion. And it did inspire this tweet: