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Offensive tackle Isaiah Battle enters 2015 NFL Supplemental Draft

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The 2015 NFL Supplemental Draft could have at least four players available in July. We take a look at the latest entry.

Grant Halverson/Getty Images

The 2015 NFL supplemental draft will take place in July, at a time to be determined, and players are already starting to get in on the action. On Thursday, Clemson offensive tackle (LT) Isaiah Battle announced his intention to enter the draft. He cited family reasons for making this decision. He stands around 6'7, and I am seeing a listing at 308 pounds.

I am not finding any scouting reports, so if any college football fans have some insight, let us know in the comments. All I know is he served a one-game suspension in 2013 for punching a Wake Forest player, and served another suspension in 2014 for another disciplinary matter.

The San Francisco 49ers offensive line has its share of question marks, so maybe they decide to add some offensive line talent. I can't even say whether or not Battle is a developmental prospect. I did see some articles saying he had to work hard last year to add weight. He apparently has a fast metabolism, and was at around 288 pounds last offseason. An NFL professional diet combined with a strength and conditioning program should help with that.

A player has to have not entered the regular player draft or been otherwise ineligible to potentially enter the supplemental draft. Players can gain eligibility for the supplemental draft for a variety of reasons, with disciplinary issues often an example. Battle said family reasons, but he was apparently pulled over for speeding this and had marijuana in his possession. He was never arrested or charged at that point, but it is certainly possible discipline at the school played into it. We'll find out more in the coming weeks.

Teams do not have supplemental draft picks, but rather, forfeit future picks if they make a selection. Teams submit a bid on a player, and whomever offers up the highest draft pick gets the player. They then forfeit that round pick in the next year's draft. For example, say three teams submitted bids on Battle. One team submits a 7th, one submits a 6th, and one submits a 5th, the team offering the 5th wins him, and forfeits their 2016 5th round pick. I don't know how it is determined if two teams submit the same round. My guess is the current waiver order impacts it.

Earlier in June, West Georgia defensive tackle Dalvon Stuckey, West Georgia defensive end Darrius Caldwell and North Carolina Central wide receiver Adrian Wilkins all announced their intentions of entering the supplemental draft.

The 49ers have made five selections in supplemental draft history. In 1978, they selected running back Rod Connors. In 1984, they selected wide receiver Derrick Crawford, offensive tackle Joe Conwell, and running back Mark Schellen. In 1985, they selected running back Roosevelt Snipes.