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NFL begins process to find temporary stadium in Los Angeles for 2016

The NFL is taking a step it has not taken in Los Angeles the last two decades. This pushes us closer to the return of football in the City of Angels. We break down the impact for the 49ers and the NFC West.

Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

The process to bring professional football back to Los Angeles is taking another step forward. While the St. Louis Rams, San Diego Chargers and Oakland Raiders are all trying to figure out some kind of stadium plan, the NFL has begun the process of finding a temporary home for whomever ends up moving to the City of Angels.

Any new stadium is going to take at least a couple years to get built. And considering there are numerous approvals still to be completed, that probably means a new stadium would not be ready until the 2018 season. The LA Times is reporting the NFL has begun issuing proposal requests to venues in Southern California for a potential temporary home. The Coliseum and the Rose Bowl seem like the two most likely options, but I imagine others will be in play.

This is all part of the bigger process, and it still remains to be seen when the NFL will announce one or more teams is headed to LA. The league has scheduled a special owners meeting on August 11 for an update on the situation. I don't expect a formal announcement of relocation at that point, but I imagine there will be heavy leakage of how soon movement will happen, and who will be involved.

The LA Times pointed out that the NFL has never gotten to the point of committing to a temporary venue in Los Angeles, so this is moving things along. The question now is who will end up using the facility. If it is just the Raiders or just the Chargers, it likely has no real impact on the San Francisco 49ers. However, if it involves two of the three teams interested, it will almost assuredly impact the 49ers. If the Rams move to LA, that decreases travel for all three NFC West teams. If the Raiders and Chargers split a stadium, it seems like one would move over to the NFC West, and either the Rams or Seahawks would move to the AFC West. None of this is for certain, but that is the most logical at this point.