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Golden Nuggets: Can Corey Lemonier bounce back?

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Saturday, June 27, 2015 edition of the Golden Nuggets, a daily compilation of 49ers links from around the web.

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Good morning everyone. So links are just a little bare on this fine morning. We have three total, and one of them is about Steve Harvey paying a compliment to Vernon Davis' teeth. Much more interesting in my humble opinion are the other two. First is on the forgotten, but once promising Corey Lemonier. After his rookie season it looked like he would be leapfrogging Ahmad Brooks as the edge rusher opposite Aldon Smith before long. Fast forward a year and most fans would probably need to be reminded that Lemonyay was even on the team. He had a sophomore campaign to forget as he was passed and then lapped by rookie Aaron Lynch. A starting position is probably out of reach, but he has reportedly impressed this off season and could definitely be in the pass rusher rotation should there actually be one.

The second link is on the shifting going on in the 49ers offensive line. Naturally right? Mike Iupati signed with the Cardinals, Anthony Davis retired, and the new staff is reportedly looking to move towards a zone blocking scheme. Personally, while I believe that  zone schemes obviously can work (see just about any Mike Shanahan team), they are a little too niche for my tastes. For all his flaws, I much prefer the Mike Singletary approach to building and using an offensive line. One of my bigger worries about the new line is that the 49ers still have Alex Boone playing guard. I get that his lack of mobility might be more troublesome as a tackle than a guard. But I believe there is a greater gulf between Boone and Erik Pears or Trent Brown at RT than Boone and Brandon Thomas or Marcus Martin at G. Just my opinion. To the links!

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