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49ers roster page switches Alex Boone from G to G/T

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The San Francisco 49ers updated the roster page on their official website in an interesting way. Alex Boone was adjusted to include both guard and tackle. It probably does not mean a lot, but it's worth some speculation.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

The San Francisco 49ers maintain a roster page on their official website, listing out every single player, along with their position, height, weight, age, years of experience, and college. This roster page is not maintained by football operations but rather some combination of the PR and digital team. Much like the depth charts in the weekly game releases, we do need to take them with a certain grain of salt.

Earlier Saturday morning, jhc33 noted that the roster page now listed Alex Boone as guard/tackle. I did some poking around at the Web Archive Way Back Machine, and as recently as March 28, Boone was listed as just a guard. The available cached pages jump from March 28 to May 28, and on May 28 Boone is listed as G/T.

The roster page is not exactly a perfect answer to our roster questions, but it is still an interesting development. After Anthony Davis retired, speculation centered on moving Boone out to right tackle after he had spent the first part of his 49ers career at right guard. However, he spent minicamp working at left guard.

If we want to speculate (and we always want to speculate!), this could mean one of two things. The first is that Boone will in fact become the 49ers right tackle eventually. However, another possibility is he will work at left guard, and be Joe Staley's primary backup at left tackle. When Staley has left games with an injury recently, Boone was the guy who moved out to left tackle. So maybe this is formalizing that role.

I don't think this means nothing, but I also don't think it means everything. It does provide us with some fun offseason speculation. WHAT DOES IT ALL MEANS?!?!