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What "shocking" 49ers roster move could you see happening?

The 49ers will likely make some surprising roster moves, but are there any potential shockers that might seem reasonable upon second thought?

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

The San Francisco 49ers have a lot of roster decisions to make in training camp, and there will probably be some surprising moves as early September approaches. We might see some veterans cut, and a trade or two would not be entirely out of the realm of the possible. The 49ers have questions across the roster, but there is some intriguing talent to consider.

There is always plenty of roster-bation throughout the summer and into training camp as we each try and predict what the 49ers 53-man roster will look like. There are some disagreements, but we usually can agree on a vast majority of the 53-man roster. However, today I wanted to open the door for thinking outside the box a little bit more.

I thought we could look at roster moves that could catch us off-guard, but would not exactly be completely out of the realm of the possible. Conceivably the 49ers could release or trade anybody, but we know a lot of moves won't happen. Salary cap constraints take some off the table, and common sense remove others. Some might disagree, but I am confident in saying that Colin Kaepernick will be the 49ers quarterback when the season starts. Barring off-field issues, Aldon Smith will be on the 49ers roster when the 2015 season starts. Joe Staley is not going anywhere. On the other hand, Ahmad Brooks could get released or traded, and it would not really be shocking given the cap considerations and young talent behind him.

I'll throw a couple out with some thoughts on why, and then open the floor for discussion. One guy that I am confident makes the team is Blaine Gabbert. The team's third quarterback is a rookie who was a one-year starter and signed as an undrafted free agent. I completely expect Gabbert to be on the roster come Week 1, but I don't see it as out of the realm of the possible for the 49ers to go with a rookie backup. I don't expect it, and it would definitely stun me, but there is a chance.

On the defensive side of the ball, Tramaine Brock might fill that role in my mind. Matt Barrows talked about him being the guy who the 49ers would likely have matched up with the opposing team's best wide receiver. He dealt with injuries last year, and one has to wonder if moving into a full-time role opens the door for more injuries. I think the team is confident in him, but what about a trade? If the young cornerbacks shine in training camp, Brock (signed to a fairly reasonable deal) could be an intriguing trade chip. Again, I don't see this happening, and it would be a "whoah" moment, but I am not prepared to discount it 100 percent.

What do you think? Who would be roster cuts or trades that would stun you, but after some thinking might not be entirely shocking?