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Golden Nuggets: Offensive Expectations

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49ers links for Monday, June 29, 2015.

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With Jim Tomsula having a primarily defensive background, and Geep Chryst inheriting an offense that has struggled to score for years, what could we possibly expect out of the unit this year? From what we've heard so far, it looks like Chryst is using the Harbaugh/Roman offense as a base and then attempting to correct the things that were wrong with it. On top of that list is the bad clock management and the lack of explosiveness.

During the Harbaugh years, the 49ers offense was primarily a front-running team, meaning that it was important for them to get ahead in the score early and rely on ball control and defense the rest of the way. All the injuries on defense and the inconsistency of the offensive line last year prevented the team from controlling the ball.

The offense looks like they could provide more big plays this year. Torrey Smith is a legitimate deep threat and Colin is probably salivating at the chance to get the ball to him. Vernon Davis bouncing back could be an additional weapon to take the top off defenses. Reggie Bush will be a nice complement to that as he is an accomplished receiver out of the backfield, and we could see more screens and outlet passes for big gains. Carlos Hyde also has the unique skill of breaking lots of tackles and enough speed to get chunk yardage once he gets past the first line of defenders.

And let's not forget that Colin Kaepernick can get to the end zone on any given play especially if he finds an open lane. I don't think there are a lot of defenders who can catch him in an open field foot race. Of course, this is what to expect when everything falls into place. I will let the others surmise what happens when things do not.

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