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Vernon Davis on Family Feud talks feet, strippers

The TV show Family Feud has been around forever, and celebrities have been a part of it for quite some time. Earlier this month we had some video of Steve Young and Jim Harbaugh taking part in an NFL celebrity Family Feud.

NFL Family Feud is back, and once again it was NFC vs. AFC. The NFL episode aired Sunday evening, and featured Vernon Davis, among others. He was joined on the NFC team by Eddie Lacy, Calais Campbell, Matt Forte and Thomas Davis. They competed against Antonio Brown, Nick Mangold, Terrell Suggs, Antonio Gates and DeMarcus Ware. They were competing to win up to $25,000 for charity.

The video above shows Vernon Davis answering a question about female body language. I don't know if he was just trying to be cute, or if he legitimately thinks feet speak the loudest. If it's the latter, we'll connect him with fellow foot-fetishist Rex Ryan. That question did actually have some really weird answers.

You can catch some video of Vernon's introduction on the episode. Steve Harvey complimented him on his teeth. Vernon also answered a question about what follows the word "strip". He provided this answer.

Here are a GIF and screenshot from Vernon's evening: