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Golden Nuggets: QBs Making A Lot Of Money

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Wednesday, June 3rd, 2015 edition of the Golden Nuggets, a daily compilation of San Francisco 49ers links from the Internet

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Another QB hit the $100 million contract mark. The Panthers' Cam Newton signed a 5 year, $103.8 million deal. He is guaranteed $60 million, which is just shy of Kaepernick's $61 million. Colin's deal was only guaranteed $13 million at signing and could lose the rest of the money if he were cut. Cam is getting $31 million this season to play. The details are still coming out, but I'm sure the Panthers don't have outs with the guaranteed money like the Niners have. Kap's deal was a gamble on himself considering that the Niners could cut him at any time and he wouldn't get all the money.

Cam's deal has more of an effect on the Niners rival up north, the Seattle Seahawks. Russell Wilson will need a new deal soon. And with 2 Super Bowl appearances and one Super Bowl ring under his belt, he should command a hefty fee. He could set a new high for contract money.

With all the talk of QB contracts, Colin Kaepernick needs to have a bounce back season if he wants to see more of that money from his contract. His biggest supporter, Jim Harbaugh, is no longer the head coach and Trent Baalke would probably not hesitate to cut ties with Colin if needed. Colin bet on himself and he will need to prove that the bet was a good one.

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