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Bovada sets 49ers win total at 7.5 wins

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Would you take the over or under on this win total?

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

The San Francisco 49ers face plenty of questions heading into 2015, and gamblers are taking notice. released their 2015 NFL win totals, and they have the 49ers set at 7.5 wins. The over is set at +120 (6/5 odds), while the under is set at -150 (2/3 odds). That means the under is the favorite at this point. If you bet $150 on the under and it hits, you win $100. If you bet $100 on the over and it hits, you win $120.

This is the second set of win totals we have seen thus far. Back in February, CG Technology released win totals for their Las Vegas sports books. They installed the 49ers at 8.5 wins. Two months later, following the release of the 2015 NFL schedule, they lowered that total to 8 wins. People had started fading the 49ers (betting on the under), and so they made the move.

This is the first news I have seen of Bovada releasing win totals, so it would seem they are adjusting from what other sports books have started doing. And 7.5 wins is certainly an interesting one. The 49ers went 8-8 last season. Plenty of folks see them improving, plenty of folks are skeptical. That 7.5 wins mark seems like a sweet spot to split people up pretty well.

I've attached a poll to see how many people would take the over vs. the under in 49ers wins. Here are the rest of the NFC West win totals:

Arizona Cardinals - 2014 Regular Season Win Total         
Over: 8½ (-130, 10/13)
Under: 8½ (EVEN, 1/1)

Seattle Seahawks - 2014 Regular Season Win Total         
Over: 11  (-130, 10/13)
Under: 11 (EVEN, 1/1)

St. Louis Rams - 2014 Regular Season Win Total
Over: 8 (EVEN, 1/1)
Under: 8 (-130, 10/13)