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Steve Young, Jim Harbaugh once appeared on Family Feud for charity

I was poking around Reddit earlier today, and user blabla1624 dropped a doozy in the San Francisco 49ers sub-reddit. The video above is from a 1993 episode of Family Feud. In it, NFL players made an appearance to raise money for charity.

The show featured AFC and NFC players split up by conference. The NFC roster included former 49ers quarterback Steve Young, and former 49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh, who at the time was playing quarterback for the Chicago Bears.

The video is a little over 20 minutes long. Young and Harbaugh make several appearances. The whole thing is amusing, but here are a couple notable times for Young and Harbaugh if you want to skip to them.

Steve Young

Intro at 0:46
Goes up at 2:02
Interview at 8:20
Goes up at 9:16

Jim Harbaugh

Intro at 0:57
Goes up at 3:30
Goes up at 14:22