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Anthony Davis retires from NFL

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And another one retires. Right tackle Anthony Davis is calling it a career. Another stunner.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Well, uh, ok. The San Francisco 49ers have ANOTHER retirement. Offensive tackle Anthony Davis has announced he is retiring from football. Adam Schefter released a statement from Davis:

After a few years of thought, I've decided it will be best for me to take a year or so away from the NFL. This will be a time for me to allow my Brain and Body a chance to heal. I know many won't understand my decision, that's ok.

I hope you too have the courage to live your life how you planned it when day dreaming to yourself growing up. Your Life is Your dream and you have the power to control that dream. Im simply doing what's best for my body as well as my mental health at this time in my life.

This would seem to follow in the footsteps of Chris Borland's retirement. Borland left the game because of concerns about future brain injuries, and Davis's statement reads the same way. Davis has been away from the 49ers through OTAs, so it would seem likely he was using that time to assess his future.

The 49ers did not address the offensive line until later in the draft, but Trent Brown has gotten some good press. Much more to come on this stunning development.

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