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49ers depth chart following Anthony Davis 'retirement'

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The 49ers need to replace Anthony Davis, who announced his retirement on Friday. We break down the options.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

The San Francisco 49ers find themselves in quite the predicament following Anthony Davis announcing he is leaving the NFL for "a year or so". He was slotted in as their right tackle and really was set for that role for the foreseeable future. His decision to retire, or take a year off, or whatever happens, means the 49ers now have to figure out their next step at right tackle, and the ensuing domino effect.

The 49ers have been without Davis and Alex Boone in the offseason workout program. Trenton Brown has been the first team right tackle and Erik Pears has been the first team right guard. Brandon Thomas and Andrew Tiller have split time at left tackle. Brown has gotten some positive reports about his work thus far. The 49ers are limited in depth at tackle, so it is not exactly shocking that Brown was getting the work. But the positive reports are still a good thing.

The easiest option would be moving Alex Boone to right tackle. The team could also play Erik Pears there, but he seems better suited for guard at this point given his athletic limitations. If they move Boone to tackle, Pears could play guard. Of course, assuming Daniel Kilgore's leg is fine by training camp, the team could then go with some combination of Kilgore and Marcus Martin at center and right guard. And while Trenton Brown has handled right tackle work, much of the discussion in his pre-draft scouting reports was that he was better suited at guard. So maybe he ends up at right guard.

Boone has replaced Joe Staley at left tackle when the latter has suffered injuries. Boone has been extremely capable in the role. He is probably the most talented tackle after Staley at this point, even as he plays guard. My guess is they make that move, and Pears and Brown compete with Joe Looney for backup work.