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Joe Montana talks DeflateGate, Ben Roethlisberger as Hall of Famer

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Hall of Fame quarterback Joe Montana got a chance to weigh in on DeflateGate. He thinks Tom Brady knew, but does not think it should be that big of a deal.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

It was only a matter of time before someone got some extensive thoughts from Joe Montana on the subject of Tom Brady and his deflated balls. Brady has been suspended for the first four games of the 2015 NFL season, but his appeal is still pending. My guess is the suspension gets reduced to maybe two games, but it might be a couple months before there is any kind of resolution.

Joe Montana, a Pennsylvania native, is in Pittsburgh this weekend for a charity event, and he had an opportunity to speak with a local newspaper on a variety of topics. On DeflateGate, he made a bit of a joke, although given some of the stuff that goes on, I'd imagine he was at least partially serious.

I wish I'd known (it could make a difference) because I couldn't throw a wet ball to save my life," Montana told Trib Total Media. "Heck, I would've thought about (deflating the ball), sure."

Montana mentioned how back in the 80s, the 49ers offensive linemen would spray silicon on their shirts, and did so until they were caught. Montana said he did not think it takes anything away from Brady's game, but "[o]nce you get caught, you get caught." He seemed to believe that Brady very likely would have known about it, but Montana did not really seem to think it was worth getting in such a huff over.

Montana also talked about the number of successful quarterbacks that have emerged from Western Pennsylvania, and his fandom of the Steelers.

"Everybody asks me if I am a 49ers fan or a Chiefs fan," Montana said. "I watch both of them and like both of them, but I grew up a Steelers fan. Once you are a Steelers fan, it is hard to get that out of your blood. I am also a big (Ben) Roethlisberger fan. I really like Ben. He will be in that Hall of Fame someday."