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San Francisco 49ers offseason: Where optimism goes to die

How much can the retirement of a right tackle really affect your expectations for the coming season? A lot, as it turns out.

Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images

There's a perception around Niners Nation and on Twitter -- a perception that I have done nothing to eliminate and have, in fact, cultivated myself -- that I am a pessimist. This is true, but I am not a complete defeatist, and it truly is not my intention to write about something negative every time I publish a piece here. Some say that's all I do, even when I write something positive, and some say I do it for page hits (spoiler: every website ever wants page hits) but that's fine with me.

That said, I'm having some very complicated thoughts about the San Francisco 49ers right now. They pale in comparison to the complicated thoughts about the future of the NFL and the guilty pleasure we indulge in every time we watch it, but I'm done being high-concept for now. What I want to talk about is how I feel about the 49ers' projected on-field product heading into next season.

Without getting into too many details, I'm prone to mood swings. I am a natural pessimist, but there are so many things about the 49ers that I'm a fan of, including head coach Jim Tomsula. In recent posts while Fooch was away (I still maintain this is all his fault for even considering travel at this point) I talked about how the farther we get from Jim Harbaugh's ousting, the easier it became to think of Tomsula in the same way I thought of him before all of that.

You know, that he's totally awesome and would make a great head coach. Somewhere along the way that wasn't enough anymore, there was too much going on with Harbaugh leaving and too many unknowns. It's started to be enough again, as the 49ers head toward some semblance of stability, Tomsula sinks into his role comfortably and the rest of the players respond positively. I think those things are happening.

I also feel good about the roster as a whole. It's insane that Patrick Willis and Chris Borland can retire, and we can still call the inside linebacker position a strength, barring any significant regression from NaVorro Bowman. One of the best inside linebackers in the game retired early, and the 49ers were still pretty well set at the position. That's saying something.

When Justin Smith announced his retirement, it was somewhat worrying, but the 49ers also prepared for that. They've two very good interior lineman battling for a spot on Glenn Dorsey and Ian Williams and should find a way to get them both on the field at the same time. They've got some talented defensive ends like Darnell Dockett and Tank Carradine.

Frank Gore is gone, but they have Carlos Hyde. Michael Crabtree is gone, but they signed Torrey Smith. Mike Iupati is gone, but the 49ers feel good about their options along the interior of the offensive line. Andy Lee is gone, but Bradley Pinion is the starter. There's some promising cornerbacks on the roster, as well. Time and time again, something breaks and I've found a way to feel good about it.

So when Anthony Davis announced his retirement, what do I think? Can I rightfully go from optimistic to pessimistic on the back of a right tackle calling it quits, especially when I'm the conductor of the Trent Brown hype train? Can we call Davis' retirement the straw that broke the camel's back, in other words? Am I unreasonable if I go from optimistic to pessimistic based on this news?

On its own, I think so ... but all coupled together, I just want this offseason to end. I'm sure plenty of people here will give me flack for it but geez, this nonsense has to end sometime doesn't it? This has been a hellish offseason, and I've confirmed it's just me being fragile or whatever, as you pretty consistently see people talk about how terrible this offseason has been.

I'm gonna go to sleep ... which one of you will wake me up when the regular season gets under way?