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Two new 49ers players react to the offseason retirements

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The 49ers have had a wild offseason, and naturally the new 49ers are getting plenty of questions. Darnell Dockett and Torrey Smith both weighed in on the craziness.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

In an offseason full of twists and turns for the San Francisco 49ers, last weekend brought another pair of departures. Right tackle Anthony Davis announced what sounds like a temporary retirement, and the team traded punter Andy Lee to the Cleveland Browns for a 2017 seventh round pick. Suffice to say, panic set in for a lot of people.

The 49ers will have an influx of talent in 2015, and two of those new players spoke out about what has been a tough offseason for 49ers fans.

Players have been fairly radio silent on social media, but I am not surprised to see a pair of new veterans chime in like this. Dockett has never been one to stay quiet, so I don't think anybody would be surprised to hear from him. Smith picks and chooses his moments, but given that he chose to come to San Francisco for a sizable chunk of change, it is not surprising that fans would be coming at him about the decision.

I am not surprised that two of the new additions would be speaking out about the pessimism of some of the fans. They bring veteran leadership, and become pretty established at their respective position groups right off the bat. The team is holding mandatory minicamp later this week, and I imagine at that point we'll hear more about the various departures. Anthony Davis announced his retirement shortly before media availability on Friday, and Andy Lee was traded on Saturday. There will be fairly significant media availability this week for minicamp, so we'll get to hear a lot more at that point. I expect mostly a lot of the usual cliches, but at least we'll get to hear some responses.

I will say that if the 49ers do put together a quality season this year, Dockett is right, the story would be that much better. Over the weekend, James put together a post asking people what would you tell a 49ers fan who has been absent the last five months. As someone hoping for the best, this was probably my favorite comment.