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Alex Boone in Bay Area, expected to attend 49ers mandatory minicamp

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The San Francisco 49ers have been without Alex Boone for their offseason workout program. The mandatory part of the program begins on Tuesday, and Boone is expected to be in attendance.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

The San Francisco 49ers return to practice on Tuesday for three days of mandatory minicamp, and Alex Boone is expected to be in attendance. Boone has skipped the team's voluntary workout program the last two months, but Matt Barrows is reporting he is in town and expected to be on hand. I have heard from a source as well that Boone is in town this week.

This is not surprising development. Matt Maiocco first reported earlier this offseason that Boone was skipping the voluntary portion of the offseason. There was no indication this was a holdout, but rather, Boone was simply sticking to the bare details of his contract. I get that from an "avoiding injury" perspective, but it is also a little odd given the new offense and the fact that Boone is entering his contract year.

I'm fine with Boone staying away from voluntary work, but given his struggles out of the gate last season, extra work might help in his contract push. I suppose his presence at minicamp and training camp will get him where he needs to be. Of course, I also wonder what he would have done had he known before OTAs that Anthony Davis was going to retire. He still might end up moving over to right tackle, but if Trenton Brown impresses, the 49ers could decide to stick with Boone at right guard. I think he'll get paid good money either way, but a full season at right tackle would probably add more value to his contract.

As long as Boone is in town for minicamp and training camp, I can live with all this. Even with offensive changes, getting him in for the mandatory activities should give him the time he needs to get caught up with everybody else. It is not ideal, but it is better than last year.