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49ers Tuesday minicamp media, practice and more

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The San Francisco 49ers will hold their first day of mandatory minicamp on Tuesday. There will be media availability with Jim Tomsula and the players, as well as a full practice session. This will serve as an open thread for all today's news.

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The San Francisco 49ers are back at practice today, the first of three straight minicamp practices. The team's minicamp will be open to the media all three days, which means practice reports, press conference transcripts, beat writer tweets and so much more. We'll have a recap of the reports at the end of each day, and then analysis and Jim Tomsula transcripts mixed in.

For today's first day of minicamp, Jim Tomsula kicks things off with an 11:30 a.m. PT press conference. It does not appear to be streaming on, but keep an eye out. The locker room will then be open at 11:45, and the team will hit the practice field at 3:10 p.m. We'll have plenty of content about the day, but for now, this will serve as an open thread for discussion and posting of tweets and links.

The folks at put together their thoughts on the five things to watch at minicamp. They included the following:

1. Absent players should be in attendance, including Alex Boone, Anquan Boldin and Phil Dawson.
2. Colin Kaepernick and the full passing attack will be on display.
3. The Bradley Pinion era begins
4. The cornerback carousel will be something to watch
5. Right tackle competition kicks off

The left guard competition is also worth a note given Brandon Thomas has not been getting exclusive work there in OTAs to date. Although OTA practices don't provide a lot of insight into line competition, defensive line will be something to continue tracking as well, at least for depth chart purposes. And of course the outside linebacker rotation will be interesting to watch, particularly if Aaron Lynch is recovered from his hamstring strain.