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Michael Vick likely waiting until quarterback injury for another shot

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The San Francisco 49ers could still add a fourth quarterback for training camp. It is highly unlikely it would be Michael Vick.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

The San Francisco 49ers head into mandatory minicamp with three quarterbacks on the roster, and two open roster spots. There has been no mention of adding a fourth quarterback as a camp body, and some people have inquired whether the team might add Michael Vick. At the moment that seems fairly unlikely.

Pro Football Talk is reporting a source told them, "Vick currently believes that he'll have to wait for a quarterback to be injured until getting a shot." That would indicate limited contact with teams, or teams have straight up told Vick they are happy at the quarterback position if they remain healthy.

The 49ers have three quarterbacks following the addition of Dylan Thompson as an undrafted free agent. Even without this PFT report, I did not expect the 49ers to sign Vick. While they could use a fourth arm, Vick would have to know he would be looking at no more than the third QB position on the roster. The 49ers extended Blaine Gabbert and seem comfortable developing him as their No. 2. Dylan Thompson will head into training camp getting a nice chunk of snaps as the No. 3. There is little to no upside for Vick to sign with the 49ers. Maybe some garbage time would convince a team to sign him after roster cuts, but there will probably be better options among the other 31 teams.

For now, the 49ers seem comfortable with their three quarterbacks. I am starting to think it would not be entirely surprising to see them go with three into camp. Dylan Thompson would get a ton of August work, and they could make a more informed decision as to whether to go with a third quarterback, or try and slip him to the practice squad, or just part ways entirely. If Thompson gets hurt they can likely find another body out there to handle late third and fourth quarter snaps.