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Bill Walton enjoyed the Grateful Dead concert at Levi's Stadium

@caroline221b on Twitter

The San Francisco 49ers do not return to Levi's Stadium until August, but in the meantime, plenty of events are still going on at the stadium. This past weekend, the Grateful Dead (well, most of them anyway) had two concerts at the 49ers stadium.

Plenty of fans were in attendance, but one particularly notable Grateful Dead fan had a great time at his reported 856th show. Bill Walton is a famed Deadhead, so of course he was going to check out these latest shows. It is obviously not the full group, but I imagine most Grateful Dead fans just want to check it out.

Walton tweeted a bunch of pictures from his travel to Levi's Stadium, as well as pictures from the show. He also retweeted a lot of stuff people sent to him. It is only modestly connected to the 49ers, but I still thought it is fun to share. Did any NN readers make it to either of the shows at Levi's Stadium?