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Drone footage of Candlestick Park demolition

DroneView7 - Candlestick Park demolition

EYES IN THE SKY: On Thursday ABC7 News became the first Bay Area television station to air live video of an unmanned drone, and it was over the demolition of Candlestick Park in San Francisco. this video with anyone who was a fan of The Stick!

Posted by ABC7 News on Thursday, July 9, 2015

ABC 7 News drone

The demolition of Candlestick Park is almost finished, with construction crews clearing out the rubble. ABC 7 Bay Area sent out an unmanned drone on Thursday to get a little bit more footage. There are still a few parts of the stadium still up, including one of the escalators, but much of the area is flattened.

There has been talk of a mega development and housing project. I have not seen updates since last year, but at the time there was discussion of 16 blocks of retail, 478 affordable homes, and 755 market-rate homes. The process slowed when neighbors complained about imploding the stadium. The stadium was instead torn down at a much slower rate. Once it is completely down and the area is cleaned up, I imagine we will hear plenty more about the development project.