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49ers roster, 90-in-90 breakdowns: Corey Acosta

Breaking down the 90 players on the 49ers offseason roster in 90 posts (over 90 or so days). Today we focus on kicker Corey Acosta.

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Each year, we run a series of post called "90-in–90" here at Niners Nation. The idea is that we’ll take a look at every single player on the roster, from the very bottom to the top and break them down a few different ways. This is to help give everyone a basic understanding of a roster. Of course, this roster will change, and some days we’ll have more than one so it’s not strictly one per day but Fooch is a crazy person who manages this blog with no rhyme or reason and it’s worked so far. Who am I to argue?

Welcome to a July weekend! No disrespect to Corey Acosta, but he gets this Saturday spot in the 90-in-90 series. We're almost three-quarters of the way through this series, which means training camp is just around the corner!

The 49ers signed Acosta on June 15, as an undrafted free agent out of the University of Southern Mississippi. Over the course of his college career, he successfully kicked 43 field goals made, scoring 201 total points. As a senior, he had a career high in field goals made (19) and total points scored (78).

What to expect in 2015

The 49ers signed Acosta after they finished their mandatory minicamp to close out the offseason workout program. It would seem that he is viewed as no more than a training camp leg to keep Phil Dawson rested and ready for the regular season.

Bradley Pinion has been handling punting duties, and said he's gotten a decent amount of work on kickoffs. I suppose the 49ers still want to get him some rest at times in the preseason, but I wonder if this is also an indication they know what they are getting from Pinion on the kicking portion of his duties. Basically, would they have given more work to him in the preseason if they were not sure about what he could do. It could be absolutely nothing, but given that he is young and does not have much tread on his tires, I find the signing at least a little bit interesting. Or maybe it's July, and I'm bored.

Odds of making the roster

The odds are off the board for Acosta. I see virtually no chance Acosta supplants Phil Dawson on the roster. He is a camp leg, and that's it. He might find a job elsewhere based on his body of work this coming August, but I just don't see him on the 49ers roster, whether it be the 53-man roster or the practice squad.