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Golden Nuggets: Colin Kaepernick Optimistic About Season

49ers links for Monday, July 13, 2015.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Colin Kaepernick was a guest speaker at a recent function in Nevada, and he put the changes this offseason for the 49ers in a positive light. There's no question that most of us saw this offseason as somewhat of a circus. However, Colin's role now as team leader puts him in a position to motivate others around him in spite of seemingly bad occurrences happening.

I don't wanna say he is wrong or delusional, but he is right in the middle of everything happening with the team so the fact that he sees more good than bad taking place is definitely a step in the right direction for him as a leader. Changes are not easy to adjust to but it is up to each and every person and team how they are going to react to it. My opinion is that the 49ers will end being a lot better that last year's 8-8 finish.

The talent is still there and the nucleus is still intact. I'm just excited to start seeing this team come together in real game situations.

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