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Generate your own NFL offseason rumors

Tullio M. Puglia/Getty Images

The San Francisco 49ers rookies and quarterbacks report to training camp on July 27, which means we have just under two weeks until training camp slowly gets underway. The first practice is not until August 1, but for those first few days there will at least be some semblance of football back in our life.

These last two weeks before training camp starts provide plenty of opportunities for random rumors. Dez Bryant and Demaryius Thomas do not have long-term deals yet, and there are reports of collusion. The Rams, Chargers and Raiders all have stadium issues that might only be resolved by Los Angeles. And of course, there will probably be some arrests still to come, although ideally they do not involve any players on a certain team.

Over at the mothership, we've decided to take this a step further. SB Nation has created an NFL offseason rumor generator. Just go there and click on "Get the latest NFL rumor!" and you'll get some random piece of news you never knew before. Maybe we can get some crazy rumors going! I clicked around for a while and finally got this 49ers rumor. Jimmy Haslam and Jed York need to address this ASAP. Although, Sicily could be a fun place for some football.