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Alex Smith talks 49ers roster turnover, Jim Harbaugh, concussions

The former San Francisco 49ers quarterback had a chance to talk about his old team while at a celebrity golf tournament. We take a look at some of his comments. View all of them here.

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The NFL features roster turnover every season, and while the San Francisco 49ers have undergone a considerable amount this year, they are not the first team to deal with a lot of turnover. We've seen the team go younger and cheaper where possible, while also looking for players with more upside. One of the most significant recent examples of this would have be Alex Smith. After he suffered a concussion in 2012, Colin Kaepernick took over at quarterback and the team never looked back.

The 49ers traded Smith to the Kansas City Chiefs, and he has since signed a long-term deal with the team. As this offseason winds down, he is out at Lake Tahoe for the American Century Championship. The annual celebrity golf tournament features a lot of football players and coaches getting in a little bit of relaxation and golf before hitting the grind of training camp.

Smith chatted with the media on Tuesday, and Cam Inman had a chance to get his thoughts on the 49ers roster turnover, Jim Harbaugh's work as coach and more. He was not entirely shocked by the turnover, pointing to the salary cap and age. Of course, it is hard to factor in early retirements like the 49ers have seen. Chris Borland and Anthony Davis both retired due to concerns over concussions. Smith had his own highly publicized concussion, so he is certainly an interesting one to talk to about this topic.

"You only have one brain. There's no replacement surgery for that," Smith said. "Fortunately for me, I felt good recovering, and mine were very, very mild. I got back to 100 percent.

"If that came to be and there was something lingering, yeah, the brain is not something to mess around with and it would be a reason to maybe hang them up. Fortunately for me I'm not there yet, and I'm feeling good."

He was complimentary of Jim Harbaugh as far as his ability to help deal with the many different nuances and minutia of the quarterback position. Head over to Cam Inman's article to read more of Smith's comments.