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Evan Mathis rumors: Guard expects to know options in next couple weeks

The San Francisco 49ers were mentioned in connection with Evan Mathis back in June. It sounds like we'll find out more in the next week or two.

Jeffrey G. Pittenger-USA TODAY Sports

The San Francisco 49ers roster is likely set for the start of training camp in two weeks, but there is one notable free agent at least on the fan radar. Former Philadelphia Eagles offensive guard Evan Mathis remains a free agent with training camps starting up as soon as next week. The Eagles cut Mathis after a money disagreement, and he has taken his time finding his next option.

Mathis chatted with CBS Sports Radio on Wednesday, and told them his options will become more clear in the next week or two. This makes sense given that training camps will start up as soon as next week for some teams. Mathis was released on June 11, at which point offseason workout programs had either concluded or were about to conclude. It makes sense to get a playbook sooner rather than later, but as a solid veteran lineman, he is not overly concerned about that.

John Clayton reported on June 15 that the 49ers were one of "four main teams looking at" Mathis as a potential addition. The team saw Mike Iupati depart in free agency, and Anthony Davis elect to retire. Alex Boone played left guard at minicamp while Erik Pears played right tackle, but it is possible the team decides to move Boone over to right tackle. Adding Mathis would indicate either that will happen, or the team is not happy with their right guard options.

Mathis makes some sense if the price is right. The team is making a transition to a zone blocking scheme, which is where Mathis excels. There has been some indication the team would continue with some of its power scheme, but a zone scheme would put Carlos Hyde in a more comfortable position, and could bode well for an offense looking to settle into some kind of consistency.

Whatever the case, we should have some kind of answer in the next two weeks.