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Colin Kaepernick vs. Tom Brady in fantasy football, with a twist

It's not as simple as Kap vs. Brady, so based on the league details, what do you think?

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I find myself in an intriguing fantasy football situation, and I thought I would share it with you all. It involves a decision between Colin Kaepernick and Tom Brady, but there is a bit of a twist.

I am in a keeper league where we are allowed to keep one player drafted in the sixth round or later. The league gives ALL touchdowns six points, including passing touchdowns. This past year, I drafted Tom Brady in the 6th round and Colin Kaepernick in the 9th round. I think there was some kind of injury issue or something or other going on that caused Brady to slip a bit. I suggest he slipped in part because it is important to note that this 12-team league probably includes 7 or 8 Patriots fans.

If I keep either player, I keep them in the round they were drafted last year, so 6th round for Brady, 9th round for Kap. I then have the option of keeping that person next year one round higher. That means, if I keep Brady this year, I could keep him again in 2016 in the 5th round. If I keep Kap this year, I could keep him again in 2016 in the 8th round.

Two other quick notes: 1) I can trade one of them away to a team looking for their single keeper, 2) I have Kelvin Benjamin as a 10th round keeper (and 9th in 2016) if I am so inclined.

Argument for keeping Kaepernick:

1. Brady is facing a four-game suspension. If any part of the suspension is upheld, reports have said he will file suit in federal court. He could delay the suspension in that manner, but he still could eventually face some kind of absence this season.

2. While quarterbacks get six points for passing touchdowns, I still get the benefit of Kap rushing touchdowns and rushing yards to add to his total.

3. Based on the league's scoring system, Brady scored approximately 345 points last season, and Kap scored 267 points (those numbers do not include Week 17 performances since the fantasy season would be over). I would keep Kap if I thought I could make up that point difference with the 6th instead of Brady, over the 9th instead of Kap. That seems unlikely, but I need to do some more research.

4. In a league with Boston sports fans, maybe I could deal Brady for more than Kap.

5. The 49ers added Torrey Smith and Reggie Bush, and potentially will look for Kap to run a bit more. There are significant questions about the offensive line and the tight ends, but if they have any sort of answers, this offense could actually be pretty decent. Additionally, even if the passing game does not take a step forward, Kap's scrambling could still prove plenty valuable.

6. Thinking long term, will Brady take a step backward this year that makes him less valuable next year? This reason is probably lowest on my priority list.

Argument for keeping Brady:

1. If Brady sues in federal court, he would likely get a temporary injunction allowing him to play pending the outcome of the case. Given how long that can take, odds are pretty

2. Brady is the safer play over the course of the year. He puts up great numbers, and I can plug him in with limited downside, even with the suspension.

3. The Patriots are going to be pissed off about the Deflate-gate controversy. They blew up the league (but lost the Super Bowl!) after the Spygate stuff, so maybe they want to do a number on the league once again. Keeping Brady would be betting on that possibility.

I have more reasons listed for keeping Kap, but I think No. 5 is a lot bigger than the Brady reasons. Obviously the suspension is a concern, but even if it happens, we know exactly what will be going on. With Kap and the 49ers offense, I really have no idea what to fully expect from the unit. Some are skeptical, some are optimistic. I just don't know for certain.

I don't want to make the homer decision, but I do think there are reasonable arguments to consider keeping Kap over Brady. But for now, I thought I'd open the floor and get your thoughts. I've got a month or so to make my decision, but I wanted to see what people think about the options. If you have any further questions about the league, let me know in the comments.