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Marcus Cromartie talks about J.J. Watt's Hollywood prospects

This probably qualifies as the most random thing I'll find today. Marcus Cromartie was wandering around somewhere, and TMZ caught up with him. First off, I'm impressed they knew it was Cromartie. Nothing against Marcus, but he is not exactly a super high profile player.

Cromartie attended Wisconsin around the same time as J.J. Watt, with two cross-over years in 2009 and 2010. Cromartie was asked about his one-time teammate, and some recent jokes about him playing Terminator. This eventually led to a discussion about a show Watt was involved in while at Wisconsin.

Apparently there was a show called "College Life", and J.J. Watt was involved in it. According to this article at Sporting News, Watt somehow ended up in a quasi-love triangle. That article actually found time to go through the first four episodes of the show and recap them. Head on over if you are inclined to read some recaps of a Real World-esque TV show.