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SI offseason report card down on 49ers for 2015

Sports Illustrated is wrapping up their offseason report cards, and they arrived at the San Francisco 49ers this week. They had a low grade for the team, which is not at all surprising.

Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports

The San Francisco 49ers kick off training camp in two weeks, which means we are seeing the last of the offseason reviews. Pretty soon the media will go more in depth with preview content.

SI writer Doug Farrar is wrapping up his offseason report cards, and on Wednesday he got to the San Francisco 49ers. Farrar grades the 49ers offseason as a D, and I can't say that I am entirely surprised. Plenty of 49ers fans will disagree, but the roster and coaching staff turnover makes it hard for plenty of people to assume anything but the worst. The 49ers face numerous questions. They could very well find answers to all those questions, but with so many, I am not surprised national media figure it is unlikely they will answer enough of them.

Farrar pointed to Torrey Smith as the team's best acquisition. He talks about Smith's ability to stretch the field, which will be critical for this offense to take thinks consistently to the next level. Even if Vernon Davis bounces back from a poor 2014, the team needs additional help on the deep ball.

Farrar says Chris Culliver is the team's biggest loss. He makes a strong case, as Culliver had emerged as a strong cornerback last season. He had been inconsistent prior to his 2013 torn ACL, but in 2014 he emerged in a big way. I would have liked to see him stick around, but they were not going to give him the kind of money Washington had no qualms offering up.

One consistent theme in reviewing the 49ers draft is the underrated nature of the DeAndre Smelter pick. Farrar added to that, discussing a couple recent Georgia Tech wide receivers that have burst onto the NFL scene in a big way. The Yellow Jackets have played a fairly option heavy offense, so their wide receivers have had to deal with sample size concerns.

Farrar wraps it up with the "looming question for training camp". Naturally, Colin Kaepernick and offensive scheme are his focus. There are plenty of looming questions, but when in doubt, talk about Kap and regression. Kap's development in Geep Chryst's offensive scheme will be critical to how the 49ers develop this year. They need to figure out their cornerbacks, offensive line, defensive line, linebackers, running backs and more, but if they want to actually compete for a Super Bowl, they need a step forward from Colin Kaepernick and the offense. Plenty are skeptical about the team's ability to compete for a Lombardi Trophy, and with good reason. But I do think there is talent there to shock the world. Whether they actually do or not is another question entirely.