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ESPN creates Colin Kaepernick 'origin' story like Marvel Comics

1 of 1 - Origins: Colin Kaepernick - ESPN Video

ESPN has apparently decided to get in on the popular Marvel Comics action. They are producing videos that look at star athletes and discuss their origins, in the vein of superhero origin stories.

They put this one together about Colin Kaepernick in which he discusses an experience he had while playing travel baseball in middle school. He talked about having a bad attitude, and the things he learned from that moment. He says he let his emotions get the best of him, and later that night, his dad wrote him a letter explaining that the situation was of his own doing. Kap has a very strong relationship with his parents, and it is not surprising he relies on their advice to this day.

The video features Kap speaking, but mixes in a graphic novel look for the scenes from his childhood. It's obviously riding the Marvel Comics bandwagon, but it's an interesting look at professional athletes.