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San Francisco bar suing NFL, DirecTV over Sunday Ticket costs

The NFL and DirecTV are being sued by bars and individuals about the costs of the bundled Sunday Ticket package. Could we see some kind of settlement like the recent NHL lawsuit?

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The NFL is currently facing a couple lawsuits that go after the relationship the league has with DirecTV. The latest involves a bar in San Francisco suing over the extra cost they pay for the Sunday Ticket package. Bars and restaurants pay more based on fire code occupancy. The bar, the "Mucky Duck" in the Sunset, is suing on behalf of a class of bar and restaurant owners allegedly paying higher prices than if there were multiple providers competing.

This lawsuit comes a month after the NFL and DirecTV were sued by individual DirecTV subscribers alleging the Sunday Ticket package violates antitrust laws. That lawsuit comes on the heels of a lawsuit against the NHL, DirecTV and Comcast, among others that resulted in a settlement somewhat favorable to fans. The settlement will permit fans to purchase an Internet-only package that will allow teams to purchase games featuring only one team, over the next five years. The NFL and DirecTV had a similar settlement with customers back in 2001. It allowed fans to purchase Sunday Ticket one week at a time, but they were only allowed to do this for the 2001 and 2002 seasons. After that, the package reverted to what it is now.

It will be interesting to see if the various lawsuits result in some kind of temporary settlement. It'd be nice to come up with some kind of long-term solution, but given what we saw in the NHL settlement, something short-term makes more sense.

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