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49ers to check out potential supplemental draftees Thursday

Dalvon Stuckey and Darrius Caldwell are working out at West Georgia and NFL teams will be on hand on Thursday.

Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports

On Thursday, the San Francisco 49ers will be on hand at West Georgia to take in the workouts of Darrius Caldwell and Dalvon Stuckey, a pair of defenders set to enter the NFL Supplemental Draft in July, as reported by Matt Barrows of the Sacramento Bee.

Caldwell and Stuckey are two of the four players declaring for this year's supplemental draft (James' Update: As it turns out, there are seven players eligible for the draft, as reported by, and both are interesting defensive prospects, though neither seem to have much chance of actually being drafted by the 49ers. I think Caldwell is the more interesting player at the end of the day, but he projects as an outside linebacker for the 49ers and I really don't see the team looking for another outside linebacker.

It's a crowded position already, but then again, if Caldwell shows something they like, a team can never have too much talent. Stuckey had a reputation for getting into the backfield from his defensive tackle spot, but that was against substandard competition and I wonder what his upside is at this stage. Hopefully, we can find out more about the both of them on Thursday.

The other players declaring for the supplemental draft are Clemson offensive tackle Isaiah Battle and North Carolina Central wideout Adrian Wilkins. Of those players, I think Battle is the most intriguing. He has a high ceiling as far as his potential is concerned.

He'd be considered a high-round talent if he played another year and played to the same level he showed this past season. There's also the small issue of his off-field problems, which the 49ers probably have enough of at this point. Still, he's talented and the 49ers can see what he has to offer at his workout on July 7. Wilkins' workout is set for July 8.

The supplemental draft itself is set for July 9, which means teams won't have much time to actually evaluate these guys further based on their workouts. If you're unclear on the supplemental draft, it's simply used as a way for players who could not enter or were not eligible for the regular draft to be selected by teams. If a player attends college in the United States, they have to enter the league via the draft. If they are not selected in the supplemental draft, they become unrestricted free agents like normal.

Interested teams submit a player's name and the corresponding round in which they would take them. Teams are grouped by a win/loss record, so the team with the worst record and the highest bid will be awarded the player. They will lose the corresponding pick from that round in the following year's regular NFL Draft.