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Jim Tomsula comes in at the bottom of's head coach power rankings

Can you argue that Jim Tomsula should be above any of the other rookie head coaches?

Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports

It's interesting to see the dynamic shift here on Niners Nation, from anger to praise when it comes to head coach Jim Tomsula. I've said this before, but I think it has to a lot to do with getting further away from Jim Harbaugh and his ousting. It's not that Tomsula is doing anything spectacular to dazzle any of us at the moment, it's just that he was pretty universally loved around here prior to all of that happening.

I know I've personally come around, and I know that I personally think highly of his ability to coach a football team. I'm excited to see what he can do for a locker room that can't feel good about everything that's happened this offseason.

That said, not everyone is as hot on him as I am or as some of us here at Niners Nation happen to be. Specifically, the folks over at put together a power ranking of NFL head coaches, and Tomsula comes in all the way at the very bottom. That's No. 32 folks, if you didn't know!

Here's what they had to say in Tomsula's ranking (which says nothing about where he's come from or his experience, of course):

Tomsula is our caboose, mostly because he inherited the worst situation. It's not like the 49ers are devoid of talent, but this has been an offseason of turmoil. Unlike the other rookie head coaches, Tomsula is following a guy in Jim Harbaugh who manifested incredible success. It would help if players quit retiring.

Now, let's get something straight ... the concept of ranking head coaches doesn't carry a lot of meaning, but I personally enjoy it. I think it's interesting at the very least, and while my own rankings wouldn't have guys like Jeff Fisher, Ken Whisenhunt or Jim Caldwell as high as they are, I can't really argue with Tomsula being in last.

That is to say, if you're putting new head coaches at the bottom of the ranking, Tomsula might be the least-proven guy on that list. Of course, it seems like they're putting a lot of what happened to the 49ers on Tomsula and basing their ranking on the troubles he'll have to deal with.

I think that's a little unfair, but truthfully, can you argue that Tomsula should be higher than Dan Quinn or Todd Bowles? I'm struggling to think of something compelling in that vein, personally.