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49ers take part in ESPN MyWish for young man who overcame cancer

The San Francisco 49ers recently took part in ESPN's "My Wish" series, welcoming cancer survivor Anthony Pineda to the facility for practice. The video above appeared on Sportscenter Sunday evening, and the seven minute segment is worth a watch when you get a moment.

Pineda survived cancer, but there is a bit more to the story. His mom's long-time partner, Robert was a bit of a surrogate father to Anthony, and he passed away while Anthony was recovering from cancer. They shared a love for the 49ers, and Anthony was able to honor him with the 49ers. You can read the whole story here.

The video includes Anthony signing a one-day contract to be team captain, meeting players at a team meeting, running some drills with Vernon Davis, getting an autographed helmet, and then having the entire team sign the jersey he and Robert shared. It's a great segment, and worth a watch.