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NFL, Pro Football Hall of Fame will not allow Junior Seau's family to introduce him at induction

The Pro Football Hall of Fame has a rule preventing families of deceased inductees from introducing the players. This year's induction of Junior Seau means more bad PR for the NFL, and this does not help.

Donald Miralle/Getty Images

The Pro Football Hall of Fame will hold their annual induction ceremony in two weeks, and there will be some controversy surrounding the induction of San Diego Chargers linebacker Junior Seau. Players are normally introduced by a person of their choosing. Prior to his death, Seau had said he wanted his daughter Sydney to introduce him if he was inducted. The Hall is now saying this will not be allowed. Instead, there will be a simple video presentation.

According to the Hall, this option was eliminated a couple years ago. A spokesperson for the Hall said the acceptance speech was often redundant with the video, and it lengthened the ceremony. I don't know the exact year, but the article indicated this had been going for a few years.

I get that they have this rule, but the controversy surrounding Junior Seau's death and his family's subsequent lawsuit makes this a hot-button issue. The NFL and the Hall of Fame collaborate on the induction weekend, so I can't imagine they were in the mood to allow Seau's family to speak at the event. This all might just be incredibly poor timing, but given the PR problems the league faces, it will make for an interesting August weekend before, during and after the induction ceremony.

Seau's family has said they had no plans on turning the introduction into a platform about head trauma, but there is no indication this will be changing anytime soon. Even if this is just a matter of bad timing, it continues the bad PR the league brings upon itself when it comes to the many issues surrounding head trauma.