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Niners Nation DOOOOOOOOOM Index 4.0: 49ers rookies set to report!

It's almost August and training camp is ab--DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!

Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports

Tomorrow, the rookies and quarterbacks will report for the early-goings of San Francisco 49ers training camp. Actual 49ers players will be doing actual things related to football that we might see at some point in the coming months. This is great, it means the offseason is soon coming to its end, but it also means that everything is going to collapse and we're all going to be in total chaos and that every single one of you should panic.


There's a chance -- a small chance -- that I'm exaggerating slightly. In reality, things haven't been as chaotic and ridiculous in 49erland since the 2015 NFL Draft, especially in comparison to the rest of the offseason. I did, however, think this would be a good time to bring back the Niners Nation DOOOOOOOOOM Index to see how folks are feeling heading into training camp. I imagine this will be the last one until the end of preseason, so be sure you vote in this one so we can tell how doomed the 49ers are at this point.

And doomed they are. We're all doomed, in fact, and the quicker you all accept that the faster we can burn this website to the ground in a fit of pants-less drunken anarchy and celebrate our bond of doom. But hey, some of us are less doomed than others (some of you are probably quite the opposite of being as doomed as I am, which is really just all the way doomed, as it happens) and the same applies for the 49ers. In fact, in recent poll results, the 49ers were looking the least doomed they have all offseason.

Rather than continually embed all the polls, I created an Imgur album with the poll results from the past doom indexes. In the first post, the 49ers were pretty doomed. In the second post, they were way, way more doomed and things were looking fairly grim. The second poll is certainly something else.

The most recent poll, though, that one turned out pretty well. Both of the least-doomed options led the poll, even! Check out the aforementioned Imgur album to see the full results.

As far as the 49ers are concerned, this is about the time when hype should be returning to normal, right? We've sort of reached the point in the offseason where being negative doesn't have a lot of inherent value (I'm sure many will still not "get" that these posts are satirical) if we're just rehashing all the bad things that went down. It's worth remembering, but I doubt anybody here is in danger of forgetting.

Personally, I feel good heading into training camp. I'm excited to see how the new additions go and the only spots I'm really worried about mostly concern depth. For instance, I desperately want Aaron Lynch to show he can defend the pass and earn the starting role over Ahmad Brooks. I'm also worried that Shareece Wright will get the nod over Dontae Johnson by default. That said, I strangely have a lot of confidence in Jim Tomsula, so maybe my worries are unfounded.

Anyway! How doomed are the 49ers, you guys? Also this is, in essence, an open thread -- so talk about whatever the heck you want.