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How many position competitions do the 49ers have heading into training camp?

The San Francisco 49ers have numerous position battles with training camp kicking off this week. Let's figure out how many of note exist in the three phases of the game.

Bob Stanton-USA TODAY Sports

The San Francisco 49ers offseason of turnover means the team has all sorts of position battles heading into training camp. The first full practice of camp is Saturday, and at that point we will start to figure out how the depth chart will shake out. The early depth charts will not give us anything remotely conclusive, but they will add some context as we move forward.

I wanted to spend this week going through position battles. Before getting into them specifically, I thought it would make sense to come up with a full list of what we view as the position battles of note. The folks at came up with a list of seven, and I added in outside linebacker.

I suppose we could separate out the defensive line and offensive position battles, but those positions have seen the most significant turnover this year. There are numerous questions as the 49ers try and figure out what is next on both sides of the line. For example, we know Alex Boone will be starting on the offensive line, but where exactly is not entirely clear. I think Glenn Dorsey and Quinton Dial will be starting at the two base defensive end positions, but again, it is a new group, so we don't know for certain.

For now, here are the eight position competitions I am looking at as training camp approaches. If you think others are of note, or you have a better way of separating some of these out, let us know in the comments.

1. 3rd wide receiver
2. 2nd OLB
3. Running back committee
4. Starting cornerbacks
5. 3-4 DEs/nickel DTs
6. Four of the five offensive line positions
7. Kick/Punt Returner
8. Kickoff