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Tom Brady suspension upheld, just about lawsuit time

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Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL finally announced the results of Tom Brady's appeal. The league suspended Brady for four games, and on Tuesday, they announced that Brady's suspension was upheld. This was not a surprising development as Roger Goodell and the league have looked to impose their own sense of discipline around the league.

Brady would miss the first four games of the season under this suspension, but this is far from over. There have been indications Brady will file a lawsuit in federal court challenging the decision. If he decides to follow through, he will file the lawsuit in either Massachusetts (his "home state") or Minnesota (a friendly jurisdiction for the NFLPA).

He will be challenging the arbitration results, which is a bit more particular than just going after the whole issue. PFT actually has a useful explanation of the procedural issues. When Florio is not inserting extensive opinion or snark, he can still provide some value on occasion.

If this is not settled soon, my guess is Brady would apply for some kind of temporary injunction that would allow him to play until the court case is settled or decided. Barring a settlement, this process is going to take some time. Even if the suspension is upheld, it is entirely possible Brady does not serve the suspension until 2016.

Here is the full text of the decision.

Tom Brady Appeal FINAL Decision