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Steve Young chimes in on Tom Brady suspension

Tuesday afternoon, the NFL announced Roger Goodell was upholding Tom Brady's four game suspension for his involvement in Deflategate. Now there is word that Brady will file suit to have the arbitration vacated on the grounds of Goodell being biased in his decision-making. The lawsuit will take some time, and we could see Brady get a temporary injunction to play until there is some kind of resolution.

Steve Young is the first former quarterback to weigh in on the matter (as far as I can tell), but certainly will not be the last. While I would love to see the NFL lose an appeal on this, I also have no real sympathy for Brady. He smashed up his cell phone shortly before he was to meet with Ted Wells, and then said he smashes up phones with regularity. The whole thing is bizarre, and really just distracts from actual football.

It's going to be interesting to see how long this takes, and how it plays out in the court system. The NFL filed a pre-emptive lawsuit to have the arbitration upheld. They filed the suit to try and take advantage of a favorable federal court jurisdiction. Brady will try and get the case moved to Massachusetts or Minneapolis, where he would potentially have a more favorable venue. This is a long ways from finished.