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47 days until 49ers kickoff: Who wore it best? Who wears it now?

The San Francisco 49ers season starts in 47 days. We take a look at jersey No. 47, which has a less than stellar history.

Greg Trott/Getty Images

The San Francisco 49ers kick off the 2015 NFL regular season on Monday Night Football, on September 14. That game. means San Francisco is now a mere 47 days away from kicking off its 2015 regular season. In the spirit of that approaching date, I thought I would steal this idea from our Oakland Raiders site.

Who wore it best: ....

No offense to the guys who wore the number, because they're obviously more talented football players than I'll ever be....but, this list is not pretty. Here is a screenshot of the Pro Football Reference list of 49ers who wore the number 47. It is ranked in order of Approximate Value. For comparison sake, Cody Pickett (who wore No. 3) has an AV of 1.

The picture above is Billy Bajema, and he is there because I could not find another picture of a player sporting No. 47 with a clear enough shot to work in the meme. That just about sums up No. 47 in 49ers history.

Who wears it now: CB Marcus Cromartie (2014-present)

Marcus Cromartie sports the number now, and will look to carry it into the 2015 regular season. He faces stiff competition at cornerback, and odds are not in his favor. But he has some experience and modest pedigree, so maybe it's enough. The number has not exactly borne out tremendous success, but maybe Cromartie can change that!