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Video of Jim Tomsula press conference and on the sidelines in NFL Europe

The knock on San Francisco 49ers head coach Jim Tomsula is his lack of NFL experience above the position coach level. He coached the one game in 2010 as interim head coach, but otherwise he has always been a defensive line coach in the NFL.

Of course, the counter to that is his experience in NFL Europe. It is not exactly apples to apples, but there is value to his head coach and coordinator experience in Europe. There are plenty of complications at the NFL level, but it's certainly better than nothing.

The video above comes from the friendly confines of YouTube. Brianyeah came across it and posted it in the comments of the Jim Tomsula Sound of Music article. The video includes footage of Tomsula on the sideline and handling a post-game press conference. We get to hear him talk about quarterbacks, refs and the practice week. He does not give away much, but it's at least a little insight into what we can expect in post-game press conferences.