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Carlos Hyde activated off 49ers NFI list

That was quick.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Well, that was quick. The San Francisco 49ers have officially removed running back Carlos Hyde from the NFI list. Hyde was included on the list when the team announced their injury lists on Tuesday. He dealt with a calf strain during the offseason workout program, but whatever the issue was, all seems well at this point.

For those wondering why the 49ers would do this, my guess is they were getting one more opinion on the matter. Hyde could not take his physical until yesterday. If I were to guess, I would presume he felt fine, but the 49ers (or Hyde) wanted to get one more opinion on the injury. Maybe it would take an extra day, and so, to be safe the team just put him on the NFI list. Had they not put him on yesterday and something had come up in this hypothetical second opinion, they could not have then been able to add him to the NFI list. Again, that's all based on my hypothetical.

Now that Hyde is off the list, he will join the team when they hit the practice field on Saturday. He missed the final two games last season with an ankle injury, and dealt with an MCL sprain in 2012. He's a physical runner, so it will be something to watch this year and moving forward. The 49ers will be operating with complementary backs alongside Hyde, but his physical style can still be punishing for both opponents and himself.