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Better Rivals Podcast: The 49ers and the zone blocking scheme

After a month-long “break from football,” the Better Rivals podcast is back! July is scheme month, and David and Oscar begin with the zone blocking scheme

Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

We didn't retire, we just took a month-long "break from football." But now the Better Rivals podcast is back! July is Scheme Month at Better Rivals, and every week we’ll be breaking down new SCHEMATICS that we expect to see from the 49ers in 2015. This week, we kick things off with the zone-blocking scheme. What is it? Where did it come from? How does it fit the 49ers’ roster? We’ve got everything you need to know on the potential changes to San Francisco’s run game.

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Intro: 0:00

Rundown: 5:54

The Zone Blocking Scheme: 19:38

Effect on the 49ers: 41:58