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Throwback Thursday: Dashon Goldson vs Early Doucet Part I

I ask you, dear reader: why do you watch football? Is it because of the players that have now been seated as modern day gladiators? Is it the tough grind and amazing feats of athleticism that leave us literally speechless? Is it the rough, tough, violent acts that make us have respect for these mighty men, putting their bodies on the line for the sake of our fantasy playoffs and gambling security?

Nah, it's when fights break out!

I stumbled on this video and just had to add it to our weekly remembrance. A bit of background here: Dashon Goldson and Early Doucet really, really, really don't like each other. Where this started is anyone's guess (possibly the clip here), but I'm pretty sure Jim Harbaugh and Jed York get along better than these guys.

Anyways, on our way to letting Arizona kick a field goal and think they won something that year, this small scuffle happened. And the refs showed up. And Goldson got kicked out.

This is interesting because It once again highlights our friends, the NFL officiating crew.

Why would I bring the refs into this? Because as the replay will show you, Doucet throws the first punch and starts the brawl, yet Goldson is ejected. The reasoning, as explained by the commentators, is that the person retaliating is the one seen. Therefore the refs saw Goldson go after Doucet and tossed him. Keep in mind they do have cameras at this angle, as opposed to the goal lines, so there's no excuse to not get a perfect view of who came out swinging. Probably would have been helpful before you make a devastating call ejecting players from the game. Even the NBA gets replay to see who starts brawls so they can act accordingly. Not the NFL, no. It's all on what the refs see immediately.  I guess Papa Johns wasn't interested in buying airtime while the refs did a review to see who started the fight and get the call right.

Like many, I tossed stuff around, submitted myself to electric shock, and even played NFL on NES (the crappy LJN game) out of my own rage. Now years removed from this incident, I find it awesome. Anytime I can see chaos AND make fun of NFL officiating, it's a good day.

Yeah, it's a bit depressing,  but this is a play in two acts. We need tension, we need build up, we need this before we can have a conclusion to the story.

Stay tuned.