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Darnell Dockett listed as riot threat on apparent Baltimore Police social media threat sheet

Somehow this is not at all surprising. And I imagine this will not quiet down Dockett.

This is certainly interesting. I don't know how accurate it is, but it is interesting nonetheless. This morning, San Francisco 49ers defensive tackle Darnell Dockett apparently learned he was included on a Baltimore Police threat sheet. The tweet includes him on a list of social media riot threats.

I did some searching, and the document originated at (PDF). There is nothing official to indicate it is in fact from the Baltimore police, but it is intriguing. The list includes 71 social media accounts, that have been flagged for one reason or another. In Dockett's case, they reference this tweet Dockett sent out amidst the Baltimore riots following Freddie Gray's death.

Based on the PDF I linked above, it appears someone was searching for tweets with specific hashtags. Dockett has a lot to say about a lot of topics, so it was not at all surprising he would talk about the Baltimore riots. Dockett has tweeted about everything from a traffic stop to jury duty to his "crackhead uncle" to his love of midgets. You get a little bit of everything when it comes to Dockett's social media account.

I'm going to keep an eye out to see if this "threat sheet" is legit. I can only imagine it will empower Dockett to be even more outspoken on Twitter, if that is even possible. He did make sure to let Baltimore Police know his thoughts on this: